SPELLING TEST: There will be no more spelling tests. The students have been doing a great job on their tests. Please continue to work with them over the summer.

TUESDAY: Olympic Field Day for grades K-7 at Roxbury Park. We will be going to Roxbury park at 10:30am for relay races and lunch. The students are to wear their spirit shirts, athletic bottoms (ex: basketball shorts, soccer shorts. No jeans.) and their school tennis shoes. Students will also eat their lunches at the park. Chef Traynor will be at the park with lunch for those who have prepaid. Permission slips were sent home last week and must be returned in order to participate and walk to the park. Parents are welcome to join and volunteer. Please let me know if you are interested in joining. We will be leaving the park at 2pm.

WEDNESDAY: The students will get a gymnastics demonstration in the afternoon. The demonstration is for an after school class for the next school year.

THURSDAY: The students will be receiving their yearbooks.

FRIDAY: There will be NO spirit dress on Friday. We will be walking to the church for the 8th grade graduation mass at 10:30am. Students must be in their uniform. Boys must wear their long pants and girls must wear their jumpers.

CLASSROOM CLEANUP: The students will be bringing a lot of their work home this week. We will slowly be cleaning out the classroom and taking home journals we have been working on during the school year. Please take the time to look through the work your child is bringing home. It’s great to see all the work they’ve done and the progress they’ve made during the year.

GRADUATION: Graduation is next week!! The students have brought home their lines for the graduation. It will be on Tuesday, June 19 in O’Ryan Hall. Please check the blog regularly under the GRADUATION tab at the top of the site. I have posted the words to some of the songs we will be singing. Students must dress in their finest outfits for Tuesday. The graduation will begin promptly at 10am with the students walking in the school yard for the rest of the school and then processing into O’Ryan hall.

  • date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012
  • time: 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • place: O’Ryan Hall at Good Shepherd Catholic School
  • Students will be dropped off at school at the regular time: 8:00 am.
  • Students will need to bring their snack (no lunch) and back packs to school (in case we find more things that need to go home).
  • Students will leave backpacks in the classroom and will be able to pick it up from the classroom when they are leaving after the graduation.
  • Students will walk around the school at 10:00 am for the other students in the school to see them in their caps and congratulate them.
  • Parents will need to be in O’Ryan Hall by 10:00 am.
  • Parents entering after the graduation has started need to enter through the doors by the girls restroom.
  • There will be a small reception in O’Ryan Hall following the graduation.
  • Girls must have their hair down (with no high pony tails).  Students will be wearing graduation hats.
  • All siblings of the Kindergarten students are invited to attend the graduation.  All teachers are aware of this but please make sure to remind the teachers.
  • All students will receive their report card at the end of the graduation.  Please make sure to pick up the report cards (from me) before you leave.
  • Please try to remain in your seats during the graduation to allow all parents to see/videotape/take pictures of the students.
  • Kindergarten students have NO school on Wednesday. We are done on Tuesday.