SPELLING TEST: are, and, come, down, for, here, who, this, two, she

GRADUATION: I can’t believe we have one more month left in Kindergarten! The students are slowing starting to practice for the graduation. It will be on Tuesday, June 19 in O’Ryan Hall. Please check the blog regularly under the GRADUATION tab at the top of the site. I have posted the words to some of the songs we will be singing. I will continue to add more songs to it. Each of the students will have a couple sentences to memorize for the graduation. I will send home their parts. The students must dress in their finest outfits for Tuesday. The graduation will begin promptly at 10am with the students walking in the school yard for the rest of the school and then processing into O’Ryan hall.

TUESDAY: Parent meeting at 8:15 in O’Ryan hall.

WEDNESDAY: We will have mass in O’Ryan hall at 10:15am. Girls must wear their jumpers.

THURSDAY: Meet and Greet. On Thursday at 6pm in O’Ryan hall, you will have the opportunity to meet with 4 new teachers! Please come by and to meet and greet them.


MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

PHONICS: Complete phonics worksheets your child is bringing home.

READING: Please read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you.

This week students are learning:



Discuss Sunday’s gospel


Test taking strategies


Language Arts:

Phonological awareness: phoneme isolation, identity, categorization, belnding, segmentation

High frequency word: there

Phonics: Uu, word building

Comprehension: details

Writing: friendly letter

Social Studies:

Our Country


Summer weather