Report Cards: Report cards were sent home last week. If you did not receive yours, please check with the office. I am available every morning (except Friday) before school starts for a conference if you’d like to discuss your child’s progress.

Valentine cards: Students are welcome to bring in cards/treats for their classmates. If you do decide to bring something in, please be sure to bring one for each student. We have a total of 25 students in the class (14 girls, 11 boys).

MONDAY (2/6):

Valentine Grams: The student council will be selling Valentine candy grams at lunch time this week. Each gram costs 25 cents and can be sent to any student or staff at school. If you child would like to buy some, please send them to school with a name of all the people they’d like to buy it for and all the money.

TUESDAY (2/7):

Parent Club Meeting: There will be a parent club meeting at 8:15am in O’Ryan Hall.

FRIDAY (2/10):

7th grade fundraiser: The 7th grade class will be selling ice cream for $1 at the end of the day to raise money for the 8th grade breakfast.

SUNDAY (2/10):

Father Daughter Dance: The Father Daughter dance will be in the Parish Hall from 6:30-8:30. Forms are in the office.


MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

PHONICS: Complete phonics worksheets your child is bringing home.

READING:. Please read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you. Don’t forget to mark your February reading calendars and turn in the January reading calendar.

This week students are learning:


Celebrate their friendship with Jesus

Understand Jesus told stories to reveal God’s love

Recognize that they listen to stories of God’s love at Mass

Discuss Sunday’s gospel


Name a shape piece using 3 attributes (shape, color, size)

Copy designs on a geoboard

Order objects by length

Make an ABC pattern using pattern blocks

Language Arts:

Phonological awareness: initial

High frequency word: where, do

Phonics: word building, phonograms –in, -ig

Comprehension: details

Writing: interview questions

Social Studies: