Students are to wear their Halloween costume to school. Costumes should be in good taste, meaning no weapons, masks, graphic violence, immodest dress or inappropriate slogans. The Halloween parade will be in the morning after the assembly.

Saints Day parade

We request that each child wear their Halloween costume to school and bring their saints costume. Before the saints parade, eighth grade students will help the students change into their saint’s costume. Every student is expected to be a part of the activity however it is not necessary for you to purchase expensive items. You are encouraged to be creative and use items that you already have at home. (Suggestion for a saint costume: an angel costume, monk)

This is a fun activity and we welcome the parents to come and watch the younger students parade around the school yard dressed as their patron saint. We had a chance to practice at school today. All the students were excited and did a great job!

The parade will begin at 11:30 A.M. Dismissal will be at 12:30pm.

Previous Halloween costumes and Saints day costumes can be found under the archive posts (on the right side of the site) to provide ideas.

Don’t forget your cameras!

Halloween treats

Students are welcome to bring in treats for their classmates. We will pass them out before the Saints Parade. There are 26 students in the class. Please be sure to have enough treats for each student.

Halloween party

We will be having a Halloween party in our class between the costume parade and the Saints parade. Missy (Phoebe’s mom) and Rhea (Mikey’s mom) has planned some fun activities and games for the students. If you’d like to contribute to the party, I can fill out a volunteer form that day.


8:10-8:30: Halloween costume parade

8:30-9:20: Party in the classroom (crafts/games)

9:20: Tour the Haunted House in O’Ryan Hall. The 8th grade class has created a Haunted House that the students will tour with the lights on.

9:40: Continue the party in the classroom (crafts/games)

11:30: Saints Day Parade

12:00: Special treat

12:30: Dismissal

Halloween candy donations:

Extra candy donations are being accepted on Tuesday. The candy will be donated to our troops over-seas who can’t be home for the holidays through Operation Gratitude.