Handbook signature- The handbook signature form which was sent out on Back to School night needs to be sent in.

Cupcake War- Friday, Oct 8th is the Cupcake War. This is a chance for parents/guardians to show off their cupcake baking skills. Good luck!

After School Pick-up: Please remember to follow the designated after school pick up procedure. Parents (or whoever is picking up your child) needs to drive NORTH on McCarthy Drive, turn LEFT into the alley behind the school, continue south in the alley to Charleville. Please do not drive south on McCarthy or join the pick up line through the parking lot. The pick-up procedure helps the dismissal run smoothly and quickly.

Wish List: I have uploaded a wish list on the blog. We discussed at Back to School Night the option of accruing volunteer hours based on donations made to the classroom. Please remember to keep your receipts. Thank you!



MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

PHONICS: complete and return letter “Nn” and “Pp” worksheets.

BRING in items from home that begin with the letter “Nn” on Mon/Tues and letter “Pp” on Wed/Thur. In class we will look at the items, say the name, and listen to the beginning sound.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the Reading Calendar that is being sent home today. Please read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you.

This week students are learning:


Discuss feelings

Understand that God knows how we feel

learn about the Sunday gospel


Name shape pieces using 3 attributes (size, color, shape)

Match number card to a set of objects

Create an AB color pattern

Act out story problems

Phonological Awareness:

Word segmentation

Syllable blending and segmentation


Letter Nn, Pp

High-Frequency Words: the



Generate questions




Recognize what plants need to survive

Social Studies:

Identify behaviors of good citizens at home and at school

Pledge of Allegiance