Everyone has a “First Day”
when they feel sad and all alone.

It can be so scary

when you’re out on your own.

Take my hankie, dry your tears.

You’ll find lots of things to do

and you’ll probably make new friends.

I promise we’ll be together

when the school day ends.

Here comes the teacher,

blow your nose and be brave.

Come on now wipe your eyes,

this is no way to behave.

“Well, good morning teacher.

We really must beg your pardon.

No, MOMMY doesn’t always act this way.

But it’s my first day of … KINDERGARTEN!”

I’m sure all the parents are as excited as the students are about the first day of school. Here are some first day of school information/tips that may help your first day of school go smoothly.


    Please make sure you bring in the requested school supplies sometime during the first week of school. I have included a page on the blog with the supply list. Parents are welcome to drop off the school supplies in the classroom before school starts.


    Students are not allowed to be dropped off in front of the school. For safety reasons, we will be keeping the front doors and the gate on Charleville Blvd. locked. Do not try to enter the school via either of these doors. The only way to drop off children in the morning is from McCarty Dr. via the alley by the parking structure, proceeding down the alley (toward Charleville Blvd.) by the school and dropping off your children by the open gate. Have your children exit your car on the passenger side and enter the schoolyard gate. This will eliminate children exiting their car and passing behind or in front of the cars in the alley. If you wish to walk into the school with your children, you may park in the parking lot at the end of the alley (until 8am) and ACCOMPANY your children into the school yard via the alley. Children will NOT be allowed to walk in the alley alone. Please stay in your car and drop your children off by the gate where a teacher or Ruddy will be available to help you. The cars in the alley need to keep moving.

    If you wish you wait with your child in school, you will need to find parking around the school (but not in front of the school on Linden Drive. That is only for the PreSchool parents.) or you may park in the parking lot at the end of the alley (until 8am). If you decide to park on the street, please pay careful attention to the signs because a lot of the parking in the area is by permit parking only.


    When the students get to school, 8th grade students will be standing by the lunch tables with signs that indicate where each class should be sitting and waiting for the bell to ring. The Kindergarten class will be seated at the first set of tables closest to the alley gate. Students are to remain seated until the bell rings at 7:55am. I will be out in the yard before the bell rings to meet the students and to pass out name tags.


    The first bell will ring at 7:55 am. I will direct the students to where they will stand in line every morning for the morning assembly. Your child is considered tardy if he/she is not in line at 7:55 am. We will be standing between the 5th and 3rd grade class.

  • 8 am bell:

    When the bell rings at 8 am, the morning assembly will begin. This consists of prayers, pledge of allegiance, pledge to the cross, and morning announcements.

  • TARDY:

    A student is considered tardy if he/she is not in the line when the 8am bell rings. Tardy students will be sent to the office to receive a late slip. (I doubt this will be an issue on the first day of school.)


    When the morning announcements are finished, everyone will be dismissed to their classes. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed in the school without signing in at the office first and parents will not be able to hang outside the classroom door. As tempting as it may be to follow your child into the classroom and watch him/her on their first day, you will need to say your good-byes in the yard. The Kindergarten class is the first class to enter the school and the other classes will be waiting for us to enter first.

  • SNACK:

    Please remember to pack only a snack and a drink for the first 2 days of school. We will NOT be having lunch until Wednesday, September 1st
    and the school does not provide a snack for the kids. Please send them to school with a healthy snack (no chips, cookies, etc).


    The pick up procedure at the end of the day will be the same as the drop off procedure in the morning. You will need to go through the alley and a teacher at the gate will call for your child to come to the gate. Please tell the teacher your child’s name and grade. (Your child will take home a name plate with your child’s name and grade on it. This name plate will need to be on the dashboard of your car so the teacher can see it ahead of time.) The students will be lined up near the PreK building.

I hope this helps everyone have a smooth first day of school. If there are any other questions you may have, please feel free to call the school office or email me at

I look forward to meeting everyone!