The school’s first spring carnival will be this Sunday, May 23rd from 10am-5pm. 

Here is a note from Marilyn Higgins about a fun opportunity for the students to be involved in the carnival.

Hello Kindergarten Parents,

Today, your Kindergartener learned all about their space mission for carnival day, if they so choose to enlist (with permission from a parent).   

At any time during the school carnival this Sunday from 10am-5pm, they can sign up at the “Squirts for Hire” booth located at Pre-K’s “The Future” space booth (right next to Kindergarten’s cake walk booth.) 

They must come in any kind of space attire (ie: astronaut suit, space princess, star wars character, star trek character, space cop, robot, rocket ship, buzz lightyear, martian, alien and etc…). 

The plan:  For a ticket, carnival goers will hire (through the “space captain”) one of our space kids to squirt the person of their choice (teacher, friend, parent, etc…) with a space age (low volume) squirt gun.  After several completed missions, your space kid will receive a wacky martian toy or space squirt gun to keep.  While the space kids wait for their missions, they get to play on the Pre-K/Kindergarten playground. 

May the force be with you.  And, please feel free to call, email or text me with any questions., 310-994-0843(my cell)

Marilyn (Mommy of Madeline in Kindergarten and Gabriel in Pre-K)
Pre-K Room Mom