I hope everyone had a great Easter break! I sure did! =) I have posted a wedding video trailer, pictures and slideshow link at the bottom of this post. The wedding day couldn’t have been any more perfect! Thank you for all your well wishes and support!

Wednesday (4/14): We will have a school assembly with the opera magician. Students will have the opportunity to watch a magic show while enjoying and learning about opera music.

Friday (4/16): Students will have spirit dress.

Tuesday (4/27): We will have a field trip to the Beverly Hills Public Library and Fire house. We will need parent volunteers to drive students to the library. If you are unable to drive, please send your child to school with his/her booster seat. If you are able to drive, please let me know how many other students you will be able to take in your car.

Spring dance: We will be having a spring dance at Good Shepherd Parish hall on Saturday, April 14th at 6:30pm.

Ms Murphy: Ms Murphy, the fifth grade teacher, is currently in Turkey with the Early Christian World Pilgrimage. This is an annual pilgrimage to Turkey led my our Father Tom Welbers. Ms Murphy will have the opportunity to explore the treasures of our Christian heritage in Turkey. She is updating her blog with her adventures. You can follow her trip by going to her blog at http://msmurphy5thgrade.wordpress.com/.

2010-2011 school year: The 2010-2011 school year will begin on Monday, August 30th. Monday and Tuesday will be 12:30 dismissal, Wednesday and Thursday will be 3:00 dismissal and Friday will be the regular 12:30 dismissal. Registration for the new school year will be on Saturday, May 22nd. A schedule will be sent home soon.


Math: Complete and return daily math worksheets.

Word Group: complete and return worksheets for the word group –op.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the April Reading Calendar and read with your child for at least 15 minutes a day.

This Week We Are Learning:



People everywhere are God’s children

Jesus loves children


Letter Ee, Ff review – handwriting and phonics

Word wall: mom, dad



Identify smallest and largest objects

Identify and match equivalent sets

Pay for items using pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters

Social Studies




Language Arts

Identify names as nouns

wedding video trailer:

wedding picture slideshow (different photos from below)


Here are some pictures from the wedding day!