• The students did a great job during the practice at Church.
  • When we returned from practice, we had a special delivery from the North Pole.  The students wrote letters to the North Pole with their 5th grade buddies last Friday.  Today, the 5th graders read the letters to the students.  Photos of all the Christmas activities will be posted soon.


  • Students can dress as an elf or Santa’s helper.  Students can wear red or green shirts with their school pants or other pants that are not jeans.  Students can also wear a Santa hat.
  • The Christmas program will start at 6:30.  Please be at the Church by 6:15.
  • We will meet inside the church.  I will be meeting and gathering the Kindergarten students at the front of the church on the left side (when you are facing the altar) by the Baptism pool.
  • Students have been assigned a color they will need to wear for the Nativity play.  Students were assigned the color green, red, blue, white, or yellow. Students can wear a nice shirt with jeans or nice slacks or girls can wear a dress.
  • The program will begin with Kindergarten and PreSchool students singing “Away in a Manger”.
  • Students will then perform the Nativity play with 7th grade.
  • The Kindergarten students will then sing “Little Drummer Boy” on their own.
  • The Kindergarten students will then be dismissed to their parents to watch the remainder of the show.


  • No spirit dress.  Students will wear their full uniform.
  • There will be mass in O’Ryan hall at 10am.