Book fair: book fair information

We will have our annual Scholastic book fair December 4, 5 and 6. A letter was sent home last week explaining the event. If there are any questions please ask Maria Sebastiani (Vanessa’s mom) or myself. There will be special events going on during the book fair. More information will be sent home this week.

Clifford: Students will take turns bringing a book (from the classroom library) about Clifford and Clifford home this month. A journal is also sent along for you to take a picture of your child with Clifford (it’s ok if you do not have the photo available the following day) and write about the exciting adventures with Clifford. Photos can be emailed to me and I can print them out. I know the children are not writing on their own yet, but writing their words for them is a great way to introduce the written word. We will be drawing a name each day. Please remember to bring Clifford and the journal back to school the following day.


MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

Minibook: The letter “Vv” minibook will be sent home on Monday and will be due on Thursday. The letter “Ww” minibook will be sent home on Thursday and will be due next Monday.

Bring: Bring items from home that begin with the letter “Vv” on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Bring items from home that begin with the letter “Ww” on Thursday, Friday and next Monday.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the Reading Calendar. Please read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you. Turn in the November reading calendar this week.

In Class We Are Learning


Letters Vv, Ww

Word wall: like, have             



Identifying time to the hour

Ordinal position to fourth

Pay for items using pennies



Become aware of their senses

Discuss Sunday’s gospel

Social Studies

Unit 1 review

Language Arts

Identifying capital and lowercase letters