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Character counts week: This week the school will be celebrating character counts week. Below is the schedule for the week. We will have special activities each day.

    Monday: Character counts week will be introduced at the morning assembly by student council. Students will recite the Character Counts pledge.

    Tuesday: Rainbow Day – students will write a goal/pledge relating to the pillar of Caring. All students’ cards will be used to create a large rainbow.

    Wednesday: Buddy Day – Students will wear accessories in the color of red. (ex: jewelry, socks, hats, scarves, sweaters). Students will work with their buddy class to create a pillar representing

the pillar of Caring

    Thursday: Students will write a secret message to their buddy thanking them for their help or relate it to one of the pillars (trustworthiness, caring, fairness, citizenship, respect, responsibility).

The notes will be placed into a balloon and sent to their buddy. The Kindergarten students will receive a balloon/note from their buddy and will get to pop their balloon in order to read the note.

    Friday: Popsicle Day – Students may purchase a multicolored popsicle for $1.00 at recess and have extra recess time. The money collected will be donated to UNICEF.


Spirit Dress – There will be spirit dress on Friday. Students will wear their purple Kindergarten shirts with blue or black jeans.

    VIRTUS Training VIRTUS training will be available at school on Friday, October 23rd from 8:30-11:30 in the 7th grade classroom. Parents who want to volunteer at school will need to complete

this training. More information can be found at

Halloween & Saints Day Parade: A letter explaining Halloween and All Saints Day parade procedures were sent home on Friday. Please look over this carefully. I will be assigning students their designated saint soon. Please let me know if there are any requests. Students will be designated a saint with the same name or similar name as their own.

Curriculum map: The curriculum map for the first quarter has been posted on its own page on the blog. I will be updating this each quarter.

Reading Activity: I will post a reading activity that can be done at home each week. The activities are from 101 Reading
Activities by Suzanne I Barchers, Ed.D., Marilee Robin Burton, and Beth Alley Wise. I have also added a “Reading Activity” page on this blog. This page will have all the activities I have posted. These are activities that make reading fun for the students and parents. These activities can be altered accordingly. I would appreciate any feedback after each activity.

  1. Alphabet Eating: What you will need – alphabet book that deals with food. Read the alphabet book together. Then read the book again, but this time have the child point to and read the words. Next list all the foods illustrated and organize them from A to Z. Some letters will have more than one food, other letters will have none, but include all of them. Now plan what foods to eat over the course of a week, with the intention of eating through the alphabet. Use the letters with several choices to provide a series of menus that are balanced and interesting. Write up a menu for each meal, and have the child read the food words. At the end of the week evaluate the process. Was it fun? Did the child learn some new words and try some new foods?


MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

Minibook: The letter “Hh” minibook will be sent home on Monday and will be due on Wednesday. The letter “Mm” minibook will be sent home on Thursday and be due next Monday.

Bring: Bring items that begin with letter “Hh” on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Bring items that begin with letter “Mm” on Thursday, and Friday.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the Reading Calendar. Please read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you.

In Class We Are Learning


Letter Hh, Mm

Word wall word: the            


40th day of school!

Different attributes to describe shapes

Identify and order numbers 1-10

AB pattern


Be aware that God creates and loves all people

Identify their own and others’ feelings



Characteristics of geographic features

Social Studies

Describe characteristics of leaders at home and at school

Language Arts

Match lowercase and uppercase letters