Back to School Night: Thank you to all the parents who came out to Back to School night. It was great to see so many parents. Parental support is very important in a child’s education. A lot of information was shared during the meeting and I want to remind you to come see me if there are any questions regarding your child or what we do in class. Please feel free to meet with me if there are any questions, comments, concerns or clarification about anything related to Kindergarten.

Picture Day: Picture day will be Tuesday, September 22nd. Please have the picture form filled out and turned in by Tuesday. It is important that the children are wearing the proper uniform that day. The boys are to wear the navy pants, grey polo shirt (short sleeve) tucked in, black belt, and black shoes (purchased from school supplier).
The girls are required to wear the jumper, white sailor collar blouse, blue tie, white socks above the ankle bone, and black Mary Jane shoes (purchased from school supplier). No shorts!

Spirit Fridays: We will have spirit Fridays on most Fridays. We will not have Spirit Fridays if mass is scheduled for the day. On every Spirit Friday, there will be an ice cream fundraiser. Students can purchase ice cream for $1 during snack time. This Friday, September 25th will be a spirit Friday. Students are to wear jeans or their school pants/shorts, white tennis shoes for girls and black school shoes for boys. The kind of shirt the students will wear will be decided on Monday afternoon by the Student Council. I will announce what the students are to wear as soon as I find out.

20th day of school: This Wednesday is already the 20th day of school! We will be celebrating every 10th day of school with different kind of activities. On Wednesday we will make a headband, decorate a gingerbread man with 20 pieces of tissue paper and practice writing the numbers 11-20.

Curriculum map: During my Back to School presentation I forgot to mention that I have a curriculum map available for any and all parents who are interested. A curriculum map maps out what the students will be learning in each subject. It shows what lessons the students will be learning and which California Standards the we will be covering. I currently have a curriculum map for the month of September and October. Please let me know if you are interested in receiving a copy. (Unfortunately, I cannot place it on the blog. The file is too large.)

Nap time: The students have nap/rest time everyday after lunch recess. The students are welcome to bring items from home to have with them during this time (books, dolls, quiet toys).

Scholastic: I will be sending home the Scholastic order form for October today. I’m sending this home a bit early because I want to ensure the books that are ordered are received before Halloween (there are a lot of Halloween books in this order).


MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

PHONICS: Complete the handwriting worksheets.

The “Nn” minibook will be due Monday.

Complete the Pp” minibook by Friday.

Follow these instruction:

Title Page– Write your name, color lower-, and uppercase letter.

Page 2– Look at the different fonts the letter is written.

Page 3– Cut out lower-and uppercase letters from magazines and make a collage.

Page 4– First trace the letters with your finger (follow the arrows as indicated on the additional sheet about handwriting sent home today). Then try your

best to trace and write with a pencil. Parents, this does not need to be perfect, don’t erase! Your child will have many opportunities to develop his/her

handwriting throughout this school year.

Pages 5-7– Look at the picture, say the word and listen to the beginning sound. Draw more pictures beginning with the letter, if you wish.

Page 8– Write words that begin with the letter sound. You can use the words in the book.

Bring: Bring items that begin with letters “Pp” on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Bring items that begin with letter “Tt” on Friday.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the Reading Calendar that is being sent home today. Please read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you.

In Class We Are Learning


Letter Nn, Pp, Tt    

Word wall word: can, and            

Social Studies                    

Friends and Family


Pattern blocks

Sort by color

20th day of school


Be aware that God creates and loves all people



Investigate the characteristics of different rocks

Language Arts

Oral comprehension