The year has come to an end. The kids are ready to go on to first grade, but I’m not ready to leave them. I’ve had a wonderful year in Kindergarten with your children. It’s been a joy seeing them grow and learn. I will always remember them and watch over them as they continue their next years here at Good Shepherd. A big thank you for all your support throughout this year!


Wednesday is Graduation Day. We are planning a nice show with songs and speeches for you. Dress your child in a clean school uniform on the graduation day.

  • Clothes for the program: clean school uniform

         Boys: pants, grey polo, black tennis shoes

        Girls: jumper, white sailor blouse, tie, black shoes

  • The students will be wearing graduation hats;
    please don’t put high ponytails in the girl’s hair.
  • Wednesday is the LAST day for the Kindergarten students. They do not come to school on Thursday or Friday.
  • Please have the students bring their backpacks to school on Wednesday. We will finish cleaning up the classroom and may come across things that will go home. Students will leave backpacks in the classroom during the graduation. Parents and students can pick up backpacks from the classroom after the graduation.


Important dates this week:

June 15 (Monday): Step Up Day-The students will get to spend some time in the 1st grade class on Monday afternoon.

June 16 (Tuesday): Buddy Day – This will be our last buddy day with fifth grade. We will hang out, relax, and watch a movie.


Summer School: If you are interested in your child attending Summer School, please turn in your form right away. Forms are available in the office.


Have a wonderful summer!