May is the month of Mary. We will be learning more about Mary and her life and role in our faith. We will also be praying the “Hail Mary”. Please practice praying this prayer with your child at home.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.


Buddy Day: We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo with our buddy class on Monday and Tuesday. On Monday, we will be making mini piñatas and on Tuesday we will be eating chips and salsa together.

Spelling Bee: Wednesday is our school Spelling Bee. The Kindergarten -4th grade students will be competing at 9am after the parent club meeting. We will have a classroom spelling bee on Monday to determine who will be going to compete on Wednesday.

May Procession: Friday is the May Procession at the Good Shepherd Church at 10:30. Field trip slips were signed at the beginning of the year for all trips to the church. Please make sure your child is in the complete, correct uniform. We will be walking to and from the church with our buddy class.

Word group: This week’s word group is –og (fog, hog, log, dog, jog)

Addition facts:

This week’s addition facts are 1+3=4, 3+1=4, 2+2=4. The practice sheets that are sent home at the beginning of the week do not need to be turned in. It is for practice at home.

Walk a Thon: The walk a thon is coming up on May 15. Please turn in your t shirt orders and sponsor forms as soon as possible.

Spring Pictures: Spring pictures were sent home a couple of weeks ago. Everyone turned out great! Please turn in your payment or unwanted pictures.

Library Field Trip: Thank you to all the parents who attended this field trip. It’s always great to see so many parents. Thank you to our room moms for coordinating this great trip.


I can’t believe we have less than 2 months left until our kindergarten graduation! We will begin practicing for our exciting day. I will soon be sending out each students’ role in the program. For now, please practice with your child, the Character Counts pledge, Pledge of Allegiance, Salute to the Cross, Good Shepherd school song, and the words to the songs we will be singing. These have been posted on the blog. I have added a separate page “GRADUATION” onto the site. I will also be adding a couple more songs in the next couple of weeks.



Math: Complete and return daily math worksheets.

Reminder: The Math addition sheets DO NOT need to be turned in.

READING: Don’t forget to turn in your April reading calendar.

This Week We Are Learning:


Serving others



Identifying beginning and ending sounds of words


Identify a cone

Record answers on a chart

Identify time of day

Count by 2’s



Social Studies

Cinco de Mayo