Last Friday was the students’ first quiz.  They all did a great job!  I will be sending it home with their Friday folders next week.  This week we will be working with the word family –ad (ex: lad, bad, sad, mad, pad, dad).

Don’t forget this Friday is Spirit Friday.  Students are to wear blue or black jeans and their Kindergarten spirit shirts.  Boys must wear their school shoes and girls must wear white tennis shoes. 

BOOK ENDS – Service Learning Project for January

Do you have books at your house that your children no longer read or want? Book Ends, a nonprofit organization, is about Kids Helping Kids.  BookEnds’ recycles children’s books through student-run book drives and places them in schools and youth organizations in need of books.  Last year, we were able to collect 1,300 books!  Donated books will be kept in our class until the end of the month.  We will then give it to the fourth grade class who will deliver the books to a school in need.


BRING! Please send from home items that begin with the letter “Gg” on Mon-Wed.  Please bring in letter “Jj” items on Thur-Fri.  In class we’ll look at the items, say the name of them, and listen to the beginning sound.  

Math: Complete and return daily math worksheets.

Handwriting: The letter “Gg” handwriting worksheet will be sent home on Monday and the letter “Jj” handwriting worksheet will sent home on Thursday.

Word Group: Complete and return “-ad” daily worksheets.   Review for the quiz on Friday.

Science: a Science sheet was sent home on Friday for homework during the weekend.  If this was not completed during the weekend, please sent it to school this week.

Friday: Bring the “Gg” book back to school on Friday. The letter “Jj” book will be due on Monday.   

READING: Don’t forget to mark the January Reading Calendar and turn in the December Reading Calendar.

This Week We Are Learning:



People make up a Church


Letter Gg, Jj(focus is on letter sound, shape, associate words/pictures with the beginning sound, letter formation)


80th day of school

Estimate collections


ABB patterns

Social Studies

Unit review