Welcome back to school! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a restful vacation. We have a lot of work ahead. Please read any information that your child is taking home to help them do their absolute best at school. This week we’ll spend time reviewing rules and expectations in the classroom. After two weeks of vacation and excitement the weeks before the holidays, it is needed. Talk to you children about your expectations of them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.


Students will not be wearing their spirit shirts this Friday (1/9/2009). It is mass Friday and students are to wear their complete uniform.


Beginning this week, the kindergarten class will begin learning word families. 

The children are now familiar with most of the letter sounds. This month we are beginning to apply phonics skills toward reading. We will do this by matching, writing, and reading word families. These are words that end with the same letters and sounds.


The activities for each word family will include:

  • Picture-word matching cards
  • A small book
  • Worksheets
  • Sentence strips (homework: sentence strips can be separated from the picture to create a matching game. Words can be separated from sentence to create a game that requires the child to put the words together to make the sentence the picture is showing.)

The first word family we will work with is –at.

c-at    cat

b-at    bat

h-at    hat

m-at    mat

r-at    rat

f-at    fat

Other word families will include, -an, -ad, -et, -ed, -en, -op, -ot, -og, -ip, -it, -ig, -un, -ug, -and –ub.

The ending is the key word that your child will memorize. By adding the beginning sound he or she will learn how to sound out the words. Please review all the materials that come home. The lessons will be more fun for your child if he or she is familiar with the process, and are encouraged from home to learn. Remember that children are learning at different paces. Some children will learn how to sound out words faster; others will read by sight or hardly understand the process of reading by enjoy it anyways. Don’t push the reading, take the time your child needs. The most important thing is to make it fun.


We will have a small quiz every Friday in order to assess their knowledge of the word group. The quiz will have pictures of the words they are learning. It will be their job to write the word of the picture next to it. The extra daily homework will help make the quiz easier. Please see me if there are any questions. Thank you!                



BRING! Please send from home items that begin with the letter “Ee” short sound on Mon/Tues. Please bring in letter “Ee” long sound on Wed. In class we’ll look at the items, say the name of them, and listen to the beginning sound.

Math: Complete and return daily math worksheets.

Handwriting: The letter “Ee” handwriting worksheet

Word Group: Complete and return “-at” daily worksheets.

         Review for the quiz on Friday.

Science: a Science sheet will be sent home on Friday for homework during the week. Students will need to draw what they see in the night sky for 2 nights. This will be due on Monday, January 12.

Friday: Bring the “Ee” book back to school on Friday. Follow instructions from the previous Kinder News.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the January Reading Calendar and turn in the December Reading Calendar.

This Week We Are Learning:




Followers of Jesus are called Christians


Letter Ee(focus is on letter sound, shape, associate words/pictures with the beginning sound, letter formation)

Letter Ff, Vv, Ww, Ss, Zz, Ee review


Estimate collections


Ordinal position


Social Studies

Unit review


Moon and start