Tomorrow is our Halloween and All Saints Day celebration.  The students will come to school in their Halloween costumes.  There will be a short parade of students (in their Halloween costumes) around the yard.  After the parade, the students will come in the classroom and the eighth graders will help the students change into their Saints costumes.  The students will need to wear something simple that resembles a saint.  It does not need to look like the saint they are representing.  They can wear an angel costume or a costume that resembles a monk.  They can add to their costume by wearing a cross necklace. 

Around 9:15, the Pre-K through 3rd grade class will participate in the All Saints Day celebration.  Each student will walk through the “gates of Heaven” and announce their saint.  

After the Saints Day celebration, the students will come back to the class and change into their Halloween costumes.  Again, the eighth graders will help them change. 

Once the students have been changed, we will distribute Halloween treats the students have brought for each other.  Then we will have a buddy day activity with the 5th grade class. 

At 12:00, we will have out potluck lunch.  Please remember to bring the items you signed up for.

If you would like to bring the saint costume and/or treats into the classroom before school starts, you are more than welcome to.  I would actually prefer parents to bring them in before school starts in order to avoid the chaos once the students are in the classroom. 

Thank you! I hope I’ve been able to answer any questions you may have had.   Please feel free to come talk to me with any questions or concerns.  Don’t forget your cameras!

 P.S. On the left side of this site, is a section called “Archive”.  Please click on October 2007 for pictures from last year.  This will give you a better idea of how the day will proceed.