This week we are celebrating Character Counts week.  We will be saying the Character Counts pledge every morning at the assembly.

Character Counts Pledge

I am a Good Shepherd student

living the six pillars of character.

I am trustworthy,

I am responsible,

I am respectful,

I am fair,

I am caring,

I am a good citizen.

I practice these principles in my every day life,

at school, at home, and in my community.



Tomorrow we will be having a buddy day activity with our buddy class (5th grade).  We will be making a banner representing the pillar of CARING.  The Kindergarten students will also be able to wear red accessories with their uniform. Acceptable accessories are: scarves, jewelry, head band, hair clip, hat, socks or sweater. 



Students will be voting for their favorite banner by placing a penny/pennies in a jar at recess/lunch.  The money will be donated to UNICEF.



Students will be able to purchase multicolored popsicles for $1.00 at recess and have extra recess time.  Money donated will also go to UNICEF.