Thank you for coming to “Back to School Night” last week. It was great seeing so many of you there! Parental support is very important in a child’s education. A lot of information was shared during the meeting and I want to remind you to come see me if there are any questions regarding your child or what we do in class. If you were unable to make it to Back to School Night, I am sending home the information that was discussed and distributed.

Wednesday, September 26 is the birthday of Johnny Appleseed. Apples will be a theme in our lessons this week. On Friday, we will be having a small apple party! Please send an item containing apples with your child (apple juice, apple chips, apple pie, etc.) We are going to have a small apple party and try different foods for snack time. Since there are 15 students in the class, each student bringing just a few items containing apples should be enough for the entire class. We will not need 15 of each item. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask me.

The class room folders were sent home last Friday. Please review the worksheets we worked on during the week. It is always great to give a lot of praise! Look at the pictures on the phonics sheet; listen to the beginning sound while naming them, ask for other things that begin with the letter, talk about the letters we are learning this week and practice skywriting the letters. Keep the worksheets at home and return the empty file folder the following Monday.


Picture Day

Tuesday, September 23rd is Picture Day. Have your child bring the order form/payment on that day. It is important that the children are wearing the proper uniform that day. The boys are to wear the navy pants, grey polo shirt (short sleeve) tucked in, black belt, and black shoes (purchased from school supplier). The girls are required to wear the jumper, white sailor collar blouse, blue tie, white socks above the ankle bone, and black Mary Jane shoes (purchased from school supplier). No shorts!


Mat Money

There is a $50 Kindergarten fee that is not included in the tuition. This fee covers the rest time mat and other expenses for the graduation. Please send the envelope marked with your child’s name by Monday, September 29th in his/her folder.


Schools on Wheels

We are collecting school supplies for Schools on Wheels. Kindergarten is in charge of this service learning project. We will be making announcements in the morning to remind the other students, making and posting up posters, and once all the supplies have been collected we will incorporate the project with a math lesson. We will learn to sort objects.



Ms Kim




Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.


Please bring in items from home that begin with the letter Tt (Tuesday-Thursday. In class we will look at the items, say the name and listen to the beginning sound. The letter “Tt” mini book will be sent home on Tuesday and will be due by Friday.


Don’t forget to mark the Reading Calendar that was sent home last week. Read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you. Fill in the names of the books read. The Reading Calendar will be due on October 1st.     


This Week We Are Learning:



Loving behavior

God’s love for us

Scripture story “God Made All Things”


Letter Pp, Tt (focus is on letter sound, shape, associate words/pictures with the beginning sound, letter formation)


Number 14-17

20th day of school

Pattern block designs

Sorting by color

Social Studies

Pledge of Allegiance


Our 5 senses