Last Friday, your child brought home a file folder. This is our classroom envelope where I will send home the class work you child has completed during the week. Please review the contents of the folder with your child. Ask what he/she has learned. It is difficult for a five year old to focus for a whole day. Paperwork is not always that interesting therefore there might be some incomplete worksheets. At this stage I’m not worried about it, we are getting into routines and we have just begun our school year. In a few weeks I will let you know if there are any special concerns regarding your child. Please return the empty file folder the following Monday.

Mat Money

There is a $50 Kindergarten Fee that is not included in the tuition. This fee covers the rest time mat and other expenses for the graduation (it will come sooner than we think). Please send the money in an envelope marked with your child’s name by Monday, September 22nd in his/her folder.


Most days there is math homework in their folder but there are also days when I feel that we don’t need homework for various reasons, e.g. we worked hard in class, concept is new, etc. When a math sheet is sent home, please remind your child to write his/her name on it and return it the following day. There will also be a handwriting practice sheet going home with each new letter we work on. This week, your child will bring home a letter Ll(Mon.) and Nn (Thurs.) worksheet. Please return it the next day.

Nap/Rest time

The students have begun taking naps/rest time last week. They are welcomed to bring in a small blanket, pillow, and/or small toy/stuffed animal from home. These items will need to be small enough to fit in their cubbies.


The girls are allowed to bring to school an extra pair of white tennis shoes for P.E. They have P.E. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The tennis shoes will prevent their black shoes from getting worn out.

Name Plate

The students took home a name plate with their last name and grade on it last week. This will need to be placed on the dashboard of your car when picking up your child through the alley.


                                        Ms. Kim


MATH: Review or complete the math sheet your child is bringing home daily.

BRING! Please send items from home that begin letters Ll (Tues. & Wed.).

Please send items from home that begin with the letter Nn (Thurs. & Fri.).

In class we’ll look at the items, say the name, and listen to the beginning sound.

LANGUAGE: Complete the “Ll” minibook by Friday.

The “Nn” minibook will be sent home on Thursday and will be due on Monday, September 15th.

Follow these instructions.

    Title Page– Write your name, color lower-, and uppercase letter.

    Page 2– Look at the different fonts the letter is written.

Page 3– Cut out lower-and uppercase c from magazines and make a collage.

Page 4– First trace the letters with your finger (follow the arrows as indicated on the additional sheet about handwriting sent home today). Then try your

best to trace and write with a pencil. Parents, this does not need to be perfect, don’t erase! Your child will have many opportunities to develop his/her

handwriting throughout this school year.

Pages 5-7– Look at the picture, say the word and listen to the beginning sound. Draw more pictures beginning with c, if you wish.

Page 8– Write words that begin with a hard c sound. You can use the words in the book.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the Reading Calendar that was sent home. Read with your child for 10 minutes or let your child read to you. Fill in the names of the books read on the back. On October 1, your child needs to bring the calendar back to school and a calendar for October will be given.


This Week We Are Learning:


Every morning there is an independent activity for the students waiting at the tables. This week we are focusing on writing our name beginning with a capital letter and the rest of the letters lowercase.


Letters Ll                        

(Focus is on letter sound, shape,         

associate words/picture with the         

beginning sound, letter formation.)        


Number 10 (10th day of school-Wed.)

Handwriting no. 5-8


Counting to five using one-to-one correspondence

Social Studies                    

“Family and Friends”