I have put labels in each of the students’ folders.  I have labeled the left side of the folder “Leave at home” and the right side of the folder “Return to School”.  This will make it easier for the parents to know what needs to be returned and what does not.  If there are any notes for me or the office, please put it on the “Return to school side”.  I have also made these labels as a way to teach the students left and right. 

Some things may be put in the “Leave at Home” side but will need to be returned later on.  Please keep an eye out for that.

TODAY’S FOLDER: Today, the students are taking home:

  • a mini “Cc” book that will need to be returned on Friday. 
  • a math worksheet to practice the number “1”.  This does not need to be returned.
  • a math letter explaining what we will be learning in the next 10 lessons.  These lessons will be a review for most of the students.
  • a parent/teacher handbook (if the child is the youngest in the family at this school).  The handbook will stay home.  Please read through it carefully and returned the form, signed, stating that you have read, understand and agree with the handbook.
  • a menu for brown bag naturals.  This can also be ordered online. 

Please be sure to look through your child’s folder everyday.  Thankyou!