Welcome to kindergarten! It is so exciting to think that school starts next week! I am preparing the classroom for August 27, our first day together. I know you will discover a lot of interesting and exciting things. Our classroom is colorful. There are posters and bulletin boards everywhere. You will learn many things in kindergarten!

    You will see your name along with the names of your new classmates in many places around the room. The first place you will see your name is on the door. I have prepared a nametag for you to wear on the first day of school.

In our classroom your cubby is ready for you. You are invited to bring a small stuffed animal with you. This “friend” from home will stay in your cubby during the day and will only be taken out during special times. When you begin school full day, September 2nd, your “friend” can rest with you during rest time after lunch.

A bulletin board is ready to display your work! Each month you will draw a new self-portrait. By the end of the school year you will have 10 drawings of yourself. You will take this portfolio home to share with your family.

    A supply list was sent home to mom and dad with supplies that you need to bring to school. We will have a snack each morning. Please bring a healthy snack that you can manage by yourself. A healthy snack is a piece of fruit, a yogurt, or crackers. Can you think of any other healthy snacks?

    In the beginning of summer I sent a letter home asking you to read 10 picture books over summer, with mom and dad of course. Please bring your reading log to school on Wednesday. Every month you will take a calendar home and fill in the days that you’ve been reading and the title of the book. You will also make a book report! You will draw a picture of your favorite book of the month and write the title.

    On the first day of school, you will see lots of excited children just like you. These will be your new school friends. When you hear the first bell it’s time to line up with all the other students on the yard. I will show you where to line up. Then it’s also time to say bye to mom and dad. Be sure to give them a big hug because they will think about you and wonder how you are doing in kindergarten. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 27!



Ms Kim