There is only a couple weeks left until our Kindergarten graduation. The graduation will be on Wednesday, June 18 at 11am in O’Ryan Hall. Please continue to practice with your child the Character Counts pledge, Pledge of Allegiance, Salute to the Cross, the Good Shepherd school song, the words to the songs, and their individual lines. He/She will also need to practice this line:

My name is _________. When I grow up I want to be _______________.


Clothes for the program:     clean school uniform

                Boys: pants and grey polo

                Girls: jumper, white shirt and tie


They have all been doing a great job during our practices!



Please send a sturdy bag with your child by the end of the week. The students will need a sturdy bag to carry home all of their belongings (books and things in cubbies).



Tomorrow is our field trip to the Beverly Hills Library. Please let me or Melissa Zee (our room mother) know if you will be able to drive to the library and the number of students you will be able to take in your car. If you are not able to drive to the library, please make sure to drop off your child with his/her booster seat.


There will be no reading calendar for the month of June. But please continue to read to or with your child everyday.


Ms Kim



Tuesday: phonics worksheet, read

Wednesday: phonics worksheet, read

Thursday: phonics worksheet, read

Practice addition facts: 1+9=10, 9+1=10, 2+8=10, 8+2=10 Practice worksheets are being sent home. These do not need to be turned in. It is to help your child memorize the addition facts.