We only have about 1 month left until our kindergarten graduation! I have sent home each students’ role in the program last week. Please practice and memorize these with your child.



Progress reports need to be returned.



The students will now be receiving less homework. I will continue to send home math addition worksheets to practice at home. Please remember, these do not need to be returned. I will also be sending home a daily phonics worksheet to review all of our word groups. I am sending home less homework to give the students time to practice for graduation.


Baby Wipes

Some parents sent baby wipes last week, but we need more. We are using them regularly and the kids are keeping “germ free!”



Ms Kim



Tuesday: phonics worksheet, read

Wednesday: phonics worksheet, read

Thursday: phonics worksheet, read

review work in Friday folder

Practice addition facts: 1+8=9, 8+1=9, 2+7=9, 7+2=9 Practice worksheets are being sent home. These do not need to be turned in. It is to help your child memorize the addition facts.