Friday was our 100th day of school.  I can’t believe we’ve already been in school for 100 days.   Thank you to Ruth and Saige’s mom for volunteering their time.  Thank you also to our 5th grade buddies for coming by to help us.We had a day full of activities.  The day started off by entering our class through a large 100 sign.  We then continued our day by making a 100 fruit loop necklack, a 100 stamp book, practicing writing from 1 to 100, filling out a 100 survey, making a 100 headband, showing off our 100 items, decorating a heart with 100 pieces of paper, and making 100 happy faces.  However, since Friday is a half day and there were so many activities in our day, I have decided to extend our 100th day celebration.  We will finish our activities on Monday!