Welcome back to school! I hope you all had a restful vacation. We have a lot of work ahead. Please read any information that your child is taking home to help them do their absolute best at school. This week we’ll spend time reviewing rules and expectations in the classroom. After two weeks of vacation and excitement the weeks before the holidays, it is needed. Talk to you children about your expectations of them. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Beginning this week, the kindergarten class will begin learning word families.  I am sending home a letter explaining this.

Students will not be wearing their spirit shirts this Friday (1/11/2008). It is mass Friday and students are to wear their complete uniform.

I wish you all the happiness 2008 will bring!                 


Ms Kim        


BRING! Please send from home items that begin with the letter “Zz” tomorrow and Wednesday and letter “Ee” Thursday and Friday. In class we’ll look at the items, say the name of them, and listen to the beginning sound.

Math: Complete and return daily math worksheets.

Handwriting: The letter “Zz” handwriting worksheet will be due tomorrow and the letter “Ee” handwriting worksheet will be due on Friday Monday of next week.

Word Group: Complete and return “-at” daily worksheets.

         Review for the quiz on Friday.

Friday: Bring the “Zz” and “Ee” book back to school on Friday. Follow instructions from the previous Kinder News.

READING: Don’t forget to mark the January Reading Calendar and turn in the December Reading Calendar.

This week we are learning:




70th day of school

Counting by 10s



Sight word:



Letter Zz

Letter Ee

-at word group

Language Arts:

Recognizing categories

Recognizing the title, author, illustrator

Social Studies:

Spatial words