Schools Rules Big Red Bucket Program

Good Shepherd is proud to participate in the Big Red Bucket program by collecting food and monetary donations to contribute to needy families during the holidays.  Food should not be boxed or canned.  If each family donated one thing on the list, we can have a complete bucket.  Also, please bring in $1 to contribute to the purchase of a turkey or ham.  If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me or our room mom, Melissa Zee (Gia’s mom).  

Below is the list of items that need to be donated for the food drive.  I have crossed off the items that have already been donated.  Please check back often to see what we need more of.  Thank you for your generosity

potatoes (instant boxed): Morgan

gravy (1g carton or 2 cans): Morgan

stuffing mix : Morgan 

rice : Morgan, Nicholas

beans (3) : Matthew, Nico, Nicholas

olives or pickles: Gia, Nicholas

chicken broth (3): Gia, Nico

pumpkin pie filling (sweetened): Gia

aluminum roasting pan: Gia

cranberry sauce: Nicholas 

canned vegetables: Morgan 

canned fruit: Nico 


canned or powdered milk

cake mix & frosting

yams (2)

pie crust (boxed)

holiday cookies (boxed)

fruit juice (large can or plastic bottle)

muffin mix

canned tomatoes (large can or 2 small)


The following items would be nice to have included if you are able to donate anything extra:




peanut butter & jelly (plastic jars only)



jello or instant pudding


stuffed animals

mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard

books, sticker books, coloring books